Drain Plugs Magnet

Increase the service life of your gearbox!

Replace the regular drain plug of your engine or gearbox with an extremely powerful oil magnet plug.

It retains even the smallest harmful iron particles that are not absorbed by the filter.

Oil works best on its own, without contamination, but continuous friction due to unwanted small metal particles nevertheless results in contamination. These small metal particles are measured in microns, one millionth of a meter. If this contamination is not removed, it circulates millions of times after each oil change, polishing (grinding) the metal until the engine is worn out.

Oil filters usually remove up to 35 microns, small metal parts of a smaller size are not filtered.

They often stay behind on the bottom after an oil change and circulate later again through your engine. The magnet plugs from AB Marine service pull the metal particles up to 300 mm and hold them firmly until you remove and clean the plug.

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Showing all 4 results