Alternator Case 12V 145A


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Warranty: 2 Years

Electrical specifications (Alternator)
Voltage: 14
Amp: 145
Terminal: Watt

Physical specifications (Alternator)
D Bracket hole: 13.00
G Belt adj. bracket hole: 1/2″-13
B Width holder arm: 14.00
E Pos. belt adj. bracket hole: 60
C Mounting bracket dist.: 101.00
J Radius: 99.00
J Radius: 99.00
K B+ position: M8
O Regulator plug: PL_NA
R Total length: 217.0
Further information (Alternator)
Blower: Single fan
Pulley: Without
Remarks Replacing: 21SI. Negative grounding. One wire system (connect only B+) B+ 5/16″.

1117909 REMY (DELCO)
1117910 REMY (DELCO)
1117917 REMY (DELCO)
1117919 REMY (DELCO)
1117920 REMY (DELCO)
1117921 REMY (DELCO)
1117922 REMY (DELCO)
1117923 REMY (DELCO)
1117934 REMY (DELCO)
1117963 REMY (DELCO)
1117964 REMY (DELCO)
19010115 REMY (DELCO)
19010126 REMY (DELCO)
19010127 REMY (DELCO)
19010128 REMY (DELCO)
19010139 REMY (DELCO)
19010168 REMY (DELCO)
19010202 REMY (DELCO)

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