Antifreeze l Environmentally friendly -26°C SALE Non-toxic drinking water additive

39,95 incl. BTW

Warranty: 2 Years

Make your engine or drinking water system safe and frost-resistant in an environmentally friendly way

Coolant Non-Toxic -45 Burst – instructions for use:

Open all hot and cold taps and drainage outlets
Fully drain the drinking water system (evacuate it using compressed air if needed)
Completely drain hot water tank
Connect hot water tank inlet pipe and outlet pipe together
Add Coolant Non-Toxic -45 Burst to system, undiluted
Apply pressure to system by switching on water pump
Open each tap one by one until coolant comes out and then close it
Completely drain toilet and cistern and then fill with coolant
Activate pump handle several times until coolant is visible

For outside water cooling system

Drain all water via drain points.
If necessary, purge with compressed air.
Close the tap of the through-hull and remove the hose
Close all drain points
Hang the supply hose of the system in the -45 antifreeze jerry can
and start the engine until the fluid reappears at the exhaust system.

Please note: If the drinking water system is put back into use, flush it completely for at least half an hour until all colored liquid has disappeared from the system.

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