Fuel Diesel filter 50 l/h with sight glass Water separator


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Warranty: 2 Years

Suitable for diesel engines up to ca. 2500cc / 100kW. Maximum 50 L/h

Inlet: 2 x 1/2″-20 UNF
Outlet: 2 x 1/2″-20 UNF

Filter ref.
Delphi HDF-296

Venting screw

Water drain screw



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This water separator 50 l/h with sight glass is the solution if you have water in the fuel.

Water in the fuel:
Condensation in the fuel is not uncommon, but it is very annoying. The solution is simple: a diesel filter/water separator 50l/h with sight glass. Such a filter has hydrophobic properties, so that water cannot pass through it and is collected at the bottom of the cup; the tap under this fuel diesel filter 50l/h with sight glass water separator allows you to drain the water.
Because water has a higher specific gravity than fuel, it is separated at the bottom of the filter and can then be easily removed.

How to drain the diesel filter with water separator:
If the diesel level is below the filter, you need a pump, because when you open the drain plug, the fuel flows back into the tank, which is not practical. Make sure the level is higher than the filter.
Hold a catch basin under the drain plug or tap and open the plug or tap. Drain the filter until clean diesel fuel flows out and then close the plug or tap.

The package contains a complete filter housing including fuel filter (delfi HDF-296) and a water separator, (glass cup) plus 2 blind plugs with sealing rings.


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