Fuel pump electrical Hardi 24V 130L 0.35 bar 18824


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Warranty: 2 Years

Electrical specifications
Voltage: 24

Hardi number: 18824

Datasheet 18824

Physical specifications
Type: Universal
Pressure bar: 0.35
Capacity L/h: 130
Fuel: Petrol, diesel, ethanol, methanol
Suction height max. 1.5 mtr.

Further information
Remarks: Hose nipple 8mm.
Connectors can be rotated.
Mounting instructions included.

Protect the pump by placing a coarse filter in front of it:  Fuel filter

Rules of thumb

Position the fuel pump close to the tank to avoid vacuum leaks.
Pumping is always easier than suction.
0.1 bar = 1.00 metre head straight up
The pressure of the float needle must be able to withstand the pressure of the fuel pump at all times. Check the float needle when you are having problems.
Conventional diesels have virtually no problems with the supply pressure of this fuel pump.
A (coarse) pre-filter for the pump extends the service life.

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