Homokinetic drive 5″ P1025-L Python up to 750 hp 2000 RPM

19.075,95 incl. BTW

Warranty: 2 Years

The Python-Drive is a complete drive system for yachts, sloops and working vessels of all shapes and sizes. After mounting a Python-Drive, periodically aligning the motor on the propeller shaft is no longer necessary, annoying axial drive reactions between the motor and the propeller shaft are eliminated and the thrust is reduced to the pressure by means of the special suspension of the thrust bearing in rubbers.
The heart of every Python Drive is the maintenance-free homokinetic drive shaft, which in all versions is amply calculated for its task.
The thrust bearing is very large for all models and maintenance free. Mounting of the thrust bearing is done with the aid of a clamping ring which centres the propeller shaft at the place where it belongs; directly behind the homokinetic drive shaft.

Type P1025-L

Max. shaft torque 1000 kgm  9807 Nm
Propeller shaft diameter 70 – 80 mm
Maximal prop. thrust 45 kN
Example Application with Diesel engine 750 hp / 2000  rpm 3:1 gearbox
Recommended propeller shaft speed type PD-L Max. 1500 rpm

Manual Python Drive

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