Impeller pump John Deere 6125AFM75, 6125SFM75, 6135AFM75 Cooling water pump

1.689,98 incl. BTW

Warranty: 2 Years

This cooling water pump for the John Deere engines is ideal for replacing the original Johnson, Jabsco, Ancor, or Sherwood impeller pump. The high quality and often improved versions of the original offer a reliable solution for replacing your boat pump. All parts such as the impeller and internal wear parts are the same as the original version for maintenance or overhaul, so you can still go anywhere.

This cooling water pump fits the following John Deere marine engines: 6125AFM75, 6125SFM75, 6135AFM75, 6133SFM75

Replacing numbers: John Deere RE524510, RE530689, RE530872, RE536016

Product information and specifications:
Uses JMP flexible impeller p/n: 8350-01K
Port type: 2″ flange
Pump weight (approx.): 35.50 lbs (16.14 kg)
Replacing original John Deere pump p/n(s): RE530872, RE530689, RE536016, RE524510
For engine model(s): 6068SFM75, 6068SFM85, 6068AFM75, 6090AFM75, 6090AFM85, 6090SFM75, 6090SFM85, 6125AFM75, 6125SFM75, 6135SFM75, 6135SFM85, 6135AFM75, 6135AFM85
Replacing Sherwood-pump p/n: G1816X
Parts are internally compatible with the original

Product features:
Plug & Play system
Heavy-duty casting of marine quality
Shaft of marine quality (3X series non-magnetic)
Heavy material for cam lining
Powerful impeller

For questions about this product, its parts or its type or application, please contact us.
There may be several types or numbers that are also similar to this type of cooling pump.

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