Starter 12V 2.0kW Isuzu C190, 201, 221, 240,4BA1


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Warranty: 2 Years

Electrical specifications (Starter)
Voltage: 12
kW: 2.0
Physical specifications (Starter)
A Mounting flange: 95.00
B Drive distance: 21.80
F Distance rear in mm: 202.00
G Distance front: 27.15
H No. of teeth: 9
I B+: M8
N Gear type: Planetary
O Distance: 119.00
P Rotation: Clockwise
R Total length: 234.00
Further information (Starter)
No. of mounting holes: 2 (0)
Drive type: Steel
Oil sealed: No
Waterproof: No


028000-6440 DENSO
028000-6441 DENSO
128000-2880 DENSO
5811000571 ISUZU
5-81100-099-1 ISUZU
5811210140 ISUZU
8941364000 ISUZU
8941364001 ISUZU
8944532120 ISUZU
s12-48 HITACHI
s12-58 HITACHI
s13-120a HITACHI
s13-120b HITACHI
s13-75 HITACHI
s13-82 HITACHI
s13-82a HITACHI
s13-82b HITACHI


3Cyl: 3KA,3KB1,3KC1,3AA1,3AB1,3AD1, 3AE1, 3AF1, 3AG1
4Cyl: C190, 201, 221, 240, 4BA1
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