Starter MG35 (overhauled)


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Warranty: 2 Years

C19 M35G

Electrical specifications (Starter)
Voltage: 12
kW: 0.8
Physical specifications (Starter)
A Mounting flange: 88.80
B Drive distance: 60.35
H No. of teeth: 9
I B+: M8
N Gear type: Conventional
O Distance: 125.45
P Rotation: Clockwise
R Total length: 321.50
Manufacturer: Lucas
Further information (Starter)
No. of mounting holes: 2 (0)
Drive type: Steel
Oil sealed: No
Waterproof: No

25016 LUCAS
25022 LUCAS
25022F LUCAS
25022Q LUCAS
25022R LUCAS
25024 LUCAS
25041 LUCAS
25061 LUCAS
25061D LUCAS
25062 LUCAS
25063 LUCAS
25065 LUCAS
25079 LUCAS
25079a LUCAS
25079B LUCAS
25079C LUCAS
25079D LUCAS
25079E LUCAS
25079F LUCAS
25079H LUCAS
25079j LUCAS
25079X LUCAS
25085 LUCAS
25085a LUCAS
25085b LUCAS
25087 LUCAS
25088 LUCAS
25088a LUCAS
25088B LUCAS
25088E LUCAS
25088H LUCAS
25088j LUCAS
25092D LUCAS
25097 LUCAS
25138 LUCAS
25138a LUCAS
25138j LUCAS
25149 LUCAS
25149b LUCAS
25149D LUCAS
25149h LUCAS
25201 LUCAS
25239 LUCAS
25239a LUCAS
25239f LUCAS
9004475300 BOSCH
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