Dactem dynamo en startmotor tester ( Parts only / defect scherm)

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Dactem dynamo en starmotor tester. Test alle aansluitingen en weerstanden in dynamo’s en startmotoren.
Zelf aangedreven en benodigd 2 x 12 accu set intern ingebouwd.
Inlusief testkabel en printer. Zie ook video.

Let op! werkte altijd naar behoren maar het scherm geeft nu niets weer.

Dit gebeurde soms vaker als het koud vochtig was..   Voor onderdelen of reparatie. 

Dactem Technologies of France, a specialist in industrial testing, has just launched the Opal Desk Tester for simple, fast and accurate testing of 12V/24V car alternators and starters. It has also created the Topaz, a heavy-duty new-generation automatic and manual test bench for 12V/24V car and truck alternators and starters.

The Opal offers value for money and is designed for use by automotive spare-parts dealers & wholesalers and garages. It prevents returns of alternators (conventional and remote-controlled) and starters in working order, thus saving on guarantee costs. The Opal, which is CE certified, runs a complete test in a few seconds, even for parts without references, using its database containing the technical characteristics of all the alternators on the market. It displays the pass or fail verdict on a graphic touch screen and, optionally, on a printer. No technical knowledge is needed to use the Desk Tester, which therefore excludes any error of interpretation by the operator.

The Opal can also be updated by memory card. It has a universal fixture for the quick fitting of the unit being tested and is also supplied with standard crocodile-clip connection cables, a simple and quick belt tensioner and built-in batteries. In addition, sets of special test leads are offered as an option, making the use of Opal easier and more reliable. It weighs 60kg and its dimensions are 640mm x 680mm x 600mm. The unit’s power supply is 220V and 50Hz or 60Hz.

The Topaz is also CE certified. It is designed for rebuilding, electrical repairs, maintenance and designing and prototyping laboratories. It combines robustness, cutting-edge technology and value for money with all the major characteristics of larger scale testers. It includes a 10HP motor with an electronic variable speed controller, powerful batteries for the precise testing of starter power and switches, and ventilated electric loads, allowing the alternators to deliver up to 200A. Any alternator or starter can be securely fixed on its strong universal mount and belt tensioner without the need for special tools.

The Topaz computer checks by means of a built-in oscilloscope function all the signals delivered by the part that is being tested in order to detect the problem. It prints and displays the pass/fail results and the performance curves on a graphic touch screen in the user’s language. It can also measure the stator’s temperature for endurance tests. It weighs 250kg and its dimensions are 1200mm x 1200mm x 600mm. The unit’s power supply is three-phase 380V to 440V and 50Hz or 60Hz.

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