Glow plug MD2010, MD2020, MD2030, MD2040 Volvo Penta series 12V

19,95 incl. BTW

Warranty: 2 Years

These glow plugs fit the Volvo Penta MD, D1, D2, and D3 engines and often more types.
Glow plugs are also subject to wear and tear. After a few years their effect can greatly diminish or they stop working at all.
Slowly the engine starts worse or not at all. Replace the glow plugs at the right time, this can also prevent damage to indirectly related parts that will have to cope with longer starting.

Electrical specifications (Glow plugs)
Voltage: 12
Voltage/glow plug: 11
Amp: 16.5

Physical specifications (Glow plugs)
Length 2 mm: 45
Length 1 mm: 22
Glow duration sec. : 15
Length 3 mm: 86
A Connection thread mm: M4
B Thread glow plug mm: M10-1.25
H Bolt size mm: 12
C Outer diameter mm: 5

Product numbers from manufacturer or suppliers:

21192358 VOLVO Penta
100221154 BERU
250202007 BOSCH
705mj BERU
ds026 LUCAS
hds241 LUCAS
pz-33 HKT
s501-18-140 MAZDA
y-107r NGK

MD2010-C, MD2010-D, MD2020-C, MD2020-D, MD2030-C, MD2030-D, MD2040-C, MD2040-D
MD2010A, MD2020A, MD2030A, MD2040A, MS2B-R, MS2A-D, MS2A-E, MS2L-D, MS2L-E, 120S-D, 120S-E, MD2010, MD2030, MD2040, MD2020
D2-50F, D2-55, D2-55B, D2-55C, D2-55D, D2-55E, D2-55F
D2-75, D2-75B, D2-75C, D2-60F, D2-75F
MD2010B, MD2020B, MD2030B, MD2040B

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