On board your ship, you like to be fully equipped. Thus, you also need power. It is generated by an alternator, which converts mechanical energy to current. This component not only provides you with electricity, but also ensures that the battery is always charged. Thanks to these properties, this component is indispensable. Is yours faulty, are you experiencing starting problems or are you looking for more capacity? Then easily order a new alternator from AB Marine Service! Also when, for example, your starter needs to be replaced, you can easily come to us.

Replacing an alternator

If the indicator light on your dashboard stays on or your battery is no longer able to start your engine, you may need to replace your alternator. Hopefully you are lucky and it is only a broken or stretched V-belt or multi-belt, which is the link to your engine. If not, it probably means internal parts have started to wear out. In that case, you will really have to replace your alternator anyway. Read more in our blog on connecting an alternator. Here you will learn, among other things, how to dismantle the old alternator, find the right model for your boat and put it neatly in place.

Finding the right alternator

You can’t just install every part and expect it to do what you want: instead, you need to find the right alternator. Fortunately, this is incredibly easy at AB Marine Service. Search by engine code, alternator number, OEM number, original number or drawing number. On the housing of the part there is an engraving or a sticker with a number on it. Enter this combination in the search bar of our website and you will find the same model or a suitable alternative! All specifications are indicated with the product information. The dimensions J1 and J2– as indicated on the drawing – are the most important criterions. Plus of course the entire suspension design.

12-volt alternator, 24-volt alternator or more?

Your battery, constantly charged by the alternator, provides you with a current of 12 or 24 volts. Is that not enough for you? Then you need a stronger alternator that delivers more current. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean it has to be bigger either: at AB Marine Service, you can easily go for an alternator with a higher capacity but with the same dimensions as your current model. You do need to know which differences there are. Want to make sure the connection is completely correct? Please contact us and provide us with as much information as possible about your current situation. This will help us find out which alternator is best for you. Get in touch with us to ask about the options. Just come to us if you are looking for an alternator for a traction battery charge.