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Replacing the boat’s alternator

Does the indicator light on your dashboard remain lit or does the battery not have the energy to start the engine after a while? Time to replace the alternator of the boat engine. Follow these 3 steps to replace the alternator yourself.

Buying the right alternator for your boat

You can easily search for the right alternator on our website. The easiest way to find the right dynamo is by its number. This is often indicated on the housing by means of a sticker or engraving. Use this number in our search bar, for example. You can also search under the category ‘Alternators’ for the make and type of the marine engine or search by engine type in the search bar. The dimensions and specifications of each starter motor are shown. The most important measures are in any case dimensions J1 and J2 (in drawings C and A) and of course the entire suspension design.

Do you want more on-board power?

While sailing, the battery is charged by the alternator on your ship’s or boat’s engine. A battery supplies 12 or 24V. If you want more on-board power, choose a larger alternator that delivers more current. In most cases we can supply an alternator with the same dimensions. Feel free to contact usPlease send us the current set-up and as much information as possible. We will then find you a tailor-made alternator.

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