About us

A great passion for tinkering and engines is what we have at AB Marine Service. This great passion has translated into the technical watersports webshop we are today. AB Marine Service makes maintaining a boat easier by helping, advising and facilitating, combined with the best technical parts and products. We help you with your problem, we make sure you get the right parts and provide the right information. If you can’t figure it out on our website, you can easily contact us to be helped in person. With honest advice, a proactive and helpful attitude, we are there for boat owners every day.

Within the industry, there is a lot of playing with supply and price. We always give honest advice on this. Parts are hefty and scarce. Some parts from another industry are just as good as the original marine engine parts but are not offered. They can do the same thing, but just have a different name. We find this out for you and offer these products cheaply. We will also always be clear in what can and cannot be done. If you want something that is not technically feasible, we will tell you honestly and not sell it to you. We think with you and always give you honest advice.

If we derive pleasure from anything, it is from helping and solving the customer’s problems. As professionals, we know a lot about maintaining the technical parts of your boat. We can help you and provide the solution to your problem. By giving advice, but also by picking the right parts. Send us a picture of the part you are stuck with and we will advise you immediately. From our passion and experience, we can always help you with your problem.

We are committed to proactivity and punctuality so that we can offer you the best service. We love being on time, proactively informing customers about delivery and the status of their order. These are standard requirements for a good webshop and that is something we are sure to be. But it also always remains a focus point to deliver the best service. In this, we continue to develop and grow.

Of course, professionalism plays the leading role, but it can all be done with a wink. We are only human too, we are ourselves. We joke, we laugh, we talk about it some more and we move on. We have fun, because working without fun is uninspiring. Having fun is our driving force. We are just being ourselves. We have personal contact with each other, we offer a listening ear and help you with your problem. Through this informal communication, we put a smile on your face with a touch of creativity and a touch of mischief. That’s what we do it for!

We would like to help everyone with technical challenges. Because, are you a boat owner? Then you will automatically be confronted with technical maintenance. And we would like to motivate you to tackle these technical challenges yourself. Of course, by means of our phone number under the helpline. Because there’s nothing more fun than being able to maintain your boat yourself, right? So get to know our team in advance so you know who you will be dealing with. We like to share our knowledge, because keeping knowledge indoors is lost knowledge. Do you have a technical question? Feel free to contact us.