Engine Control

Driving a ship should be an easy and comfortable process. Therefore, reliable engine operation is crucial. By this, we mean the throttle system that allows you to shift forward or reverse with one hand and also accelerate. As long as the necessary components for this are perfectly interconnected, they require little to no maintenance. So for smooth steering of your ship, you need the right engine controls. Should any of these parts require replacement, AB Marine Service is the right place to go!

Morse cables

With this name, you might imagine the outdated lines for a telegraph, but nothing could be further from the truth. Our morse cables are the flexible push and pull cables you can use for engine control of inboard and outboard engines. These take care of the changeover when you accelerate or put your ship in forward or reverse. At AB Marine Service, you have a choice of sizes. Which morse cables you should have again depends on the distance between the throttle and the motor. On the cable, the length is probably indicated in ft. For sufficient slack, always count 120 cm of extra cable length, which is four feet. Always avoid laying the cables in bends so that they cannot pinch off.

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Engine control

Once you have properly installed your boat’s engine controls, you will have virtually nothing to worry about. At least, not to the control system: the moving parts of the shift arm do need to be greased periodically, as does the one-hand handle of the steering position. However, make sure you don’t run your engine control cables on a sharp bend, otherwise they will wear out quickly and you will need replacement every so often. Does a cable from your boat’s engine controls break anyway? This is annoying, but not a disaster, as you can simply operate the engine or clutch by hand.

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