For a safe power supply on your ship, you need a relay. This electrical component can be described as a remote-controlled switch. With a relatively small amount of current, it allows a larger current to be switched on or off. So the relay itself is never under high voltage, as it only switches it on using a magnetic coil and a contact.

This essential part is available in different shapes and sizes at AB Marine Service.

Relays usually have four contacts:

  • Small contact for control current 86 (+)
  • Small contact for control current 85 (-)
  • Switching contact 30
  • Switching contact 87

Some relays have a diode in the coil. When the relay is switched off, the retracted coil is released. Due to the speed of a sudden shutdown of the current, a peak voltage may be generated by the coil. With a normal switch, this does little harm and the voltage is dissipated. But in circuit boards and other sensitive equipment, this sudden loss of power potentially causes disturbances or damage.

Changeover relays contain an additional 87A connection that is switched on or off depending on the type.

Relay voltage

Depending on the amount of current you want to be able to switch on, you need a relay with a certain voltage. For example, choose a mini relay of 6V, 12V or 24V which do not have to endure peak voltage. Should they be able to carry heavier loads? Then we can recommend a high-power voltage relay. Here you have the choice between 12V and 24V models. Thanks to the many options in our extensive range, you’ll quickly find the relay you need!

Relay holder and time relay

Apart from the standard versions, you can also come to us for other relay models. For example, a timer relay, whose delay time for switching on or off you can accurately set yourself. The margin varies from half a second to as much as six hours! Besides the other relays, we also have useful accessories for you, such as a relay holder. It contains several sliding plugs in various sizes and one multi block, which allows you to conveniently attach them together.

Buying relays

Want to buy a new relay or replace an old one? Then you should definitely be at AB Marine Service! If you don’t know exactly which parts you need for the power supply on your boat, it’s best to get into contact with us. Our experts know all about connections and are therefore happy to serve you. Once we have a good idea of your situation, we can tell you exactly which relay to buy from our extensive range!