Automatic Lubrication

Various mechanical and motor parts on board ships must be continuously supplied with grease. Thanks to automatic lubrication, you can be sure that everything runs smoothly and no unwanted friction is caused. Indeed, this can cause great damage. Once the system is installed, you have nothing to worry about. Ensure perfectly functioning mechanics on board your ship and order your automatic lubrication online from AB Marine Service!

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How does automatic lubrication work?

You connect the system to the filler connection of the part you want to provide automatic lubrication. Via the dial on top, you can set for how long the cartridge should distribute the lubricant. Minimum one month, up to maximum 12 months! Is the cartridge empty? Then replace it easily. Then you adjust the dial and you can sail again at full speed. Instead of constantly standing everywhere with a grease gun at the ready, you don’t have to do anything more than check every now and then.

Buying automatic lubrication

Save yourself time and effort and rely on top-quality automatic lubrication. You will of course buy these from AB Marine Service’s extensive range! Here you can find the best parts and accessories for your boat. All these options are essential for safe and worry-free cruising or at least make your life on board a lot easier. Do you have any questions about our automatic lubrication? We get that! Therefore, please feel free to get into contact with us, so we can give you all the answers.

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