The power supply on board your vessel should be neat and orderly. We have special switches for that. At AB Marine Service, you can find replacements of the highest quality! We have a wide range of parts for different, specific applications. Also make sure you have full control over the power supply on your ship. Could you use a new switch? Then make your choice in our online range and order!

What does a switch do?

Simply put, a switch turns your on-board power on or off. Especially when your ship is completely stationary, this is incredibly important! Indeed, even when you are not using power, your battery can slowly drain when the switch is still open. And then when you want to sail away, you might just hear a click, but that’s it. The starter motor does not receive power and cannot engage the engine. And for other onboard amenities, you also experience a severe lack of electricity!

As soon as you do not use your ship for a long time, use the earth/main switch to cut off the power completely. Moreover, this is the safest thing to do immediately if a fire breaks out unexpectedly. Indeed, active voltage on board is life-threatening in such a case.

What is an earth switch (main circuit breaker)?

An earth switch completely shuts off all power to the boat. The name earth switch is used because the switch is usually on the earth side (minus side) of the electrical system. There are quite a few professional names for the plus and the minus:

  • Plus = positive = red = 31
  • Minus = negative = black = 30

The best-known coding in electrical systems is the “Bosch” code. Other names used for an earth switch are e.g. main switch, battery switch and main circuit breaker.

What switches are there?

For ships, there are different types of switches, all of which you will find in AB Marine Service’s range. The main ones are the main electrical switch and the ground/head switches mentioned earlier. And of course you’re going to need keys for that. Speaking of which, an ignition switch is also necessary, of course. For both petrol and diesel engines we have the best ones well in stock. Another convenient way to turn power on and off is using the pull-push switch. This one is easy to operate. Pressed in, the power is off and to turn it back on, you pull it out.

To buy switches

For your ship, our online shop is the place to buy your switches online! Bring on-board current and voltage with the best electrical parts and accessories, including relays and fuses. As soon as whatever component needs replacing, order it easily and quickly from our wide range. Just install it, test its operation properly and you are ready to hit the water full of power again. You are guaranteed the best functionality and the highest level of safety by buying your switches from AB Marine Service!