Looking for a switch for your boat? AB Marine supplies switches like (electric) main switches, toggle switches, pull switches or battery switches

You will also find keys for the boat’s main switch and spare keys.

Waterproof switch for the boat

This is also the right place for ignition locks (petrol engine and diesel engine) and (splash proof and water proof) push button switches.

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What is an earth switch (main circuit breaker)?

An earth switch completely shuts off all power to the boat. The name earth switch is used because the switch is usually on the earth side (minus side) of the electrical system. There are quite a few professional names for the plus and the minus:

  • Plus = positive = red = 31
  • Minus = negative = black = 30

The best-known coding in electrical systems is the “Bosch” code. Other names used for an earth switch are e.g. main switch, battery switch and main circuit breaker.