Oil Coolers

There are all sorts of lubricants in your engine that help keep things running. Your engine gets hot, which also raises the temperature of the oil drastically reducing its lubricating ability. By having an oil cooler on board, you will significantly reduce the heat load on the engine. Thanks to this addition, you are much less likely to experience rapid wear and tear on engine components. Many engines are even equipped with such a part. If not, an oil cooler can easily be ordered separately from AB Marine Service.

Oil cooler water connection

By far the most single oil cooler models have a water connection. That means direct use of the cooling water to maintain the temperature of the lubricating oil or just the transmission. The cooler is placed on the cold side of the system. That comes down to the suction side of the impeller pump (intercooling system) or the outlet (keel cooling or tube cooling). When the engine is started, the heat of the cooling water is absorbed to rapidly increase the heat. This ensures optimum use of cooling! Choose from our wide range for the perfect size when looking for an efficient oil cooler with water connection.

Oil cooler hose connection

Are you looking for a dual oil cooler with hose connection? Then you’re in for a treat at AB Marine Service! We have several models in various sizes for you that should be connected to the oil filter with a hose. The big difference with a single cooler is that this system keeps the transmission as well as the engine oil cooled. Also take a look at our other cooling water parts to have everything in stock when you want to start assembling or replacing your oil cooler with hose connection. We also supply exactly the components you need for other maintenance!

To buy an oil cooler

Take a look at our extensive range and make your choice when you go online to buy a new oil cooler. AB Marine Service has the best products, plus the knowledge and experience to help you with any problem! So if you don’t quite get there, feel free to contact us to identify your problem. We can then tell you exactly which oil cooler is best to buy or what other method is required to solve your problem. Before you know it, you will be back on the water happily!