Engine Mounts

It is important to ensure a good and solid foundation for the motor with a soft motor support. Here you will find the most common engine mounts. Want a customised advice? We are always at your service!.

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Adjusting plates and screws for aligning the motor

On request, we can put together an order for the necessary adjusting plates and screws to align the motor. Can’t figure it out? Feel free to ask for information.

What is an optimal engine mount for a boat?

Do you want optimum muffling? A combination of flat vibration isolators with a thrust bearing would be the best solution.

A thrust bearing keeps the propeller shaft in place. It is a bearing that absorbs forces from any direction. It is rubber suspended as well, and is mounted between the reverse clutch and the propeller shaft.

After installation, it has to be set exactly straight and level to prevent overloading of bearings and propeller shaft sleeves. It is even better to mount a flexible (homokinetic) joint between the clutch and the axle. As a result, all components can still run tension-free, even when under pressure and shifting.

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