Engine Mounts

Correct installation of the engine in your boat is very important, to avoid damage to your engine block. Therefore, a reliable engine mount will prove indispensable! Fortunately, you have come to the right place at AB Marine Service for these and many other engine parts. Moreover, a new or improved foundation of your engine block is easy to install! The results will make a huge difference. Therefore, check the technical blog of our website on how to replace, modify or perfect your engine mount! Or ask our experts, of course.



Adjustment bolt


Support weight


Engine vibration damper

You counter several inconveniences by installing a vibration damper for your engine. First, it will make much less noise while sailing. Surely that sails a lot more comfortably, of course. However, when an engine block vibrates too much, it can be more easily damaged. After all, an engine must absolutely not be allowed to move too freely and the vibration must be absorbed. This is because the attached components, such as the propeller shaft, may also suffer. Therefore, a decent vibration damper for your engine is incredibly important.

Engine mount for yourboat

Choosing a new engine mount for your boat is still rather difficult. Should wear and tear or some other defect have occurred in your old system, you can of course search on this same type. As long as you still have the right data, finding replacements is a breeze. Enter the name, brand and/or type number in the search bar of our website, and you will come up with the perfect replacement. If not, feel free to get into contact with us for expert advice. In that case, we need the following information from you:

  • The make and type of your engine mount
  • The weight of the engine
  • The maximum number of engine revolutions
  • The presence of a thrust bearing
  • The power of the engine

Once we know these things about your boat’s engine mount, we will be able to serve you immediately. Then you always will go out on the water with the right vibration damper! Moreover, about installing and modifying various parts of your ship, we have several useful articles in our technical blog. Chances are you will find extensive information in it that could be of great interest to you!