Closed Cooling System Kit

Want a closed cooling system for the boat? With a heat exchanger, you switch from direct cooling to a closed system. Buy a conversion kit specifically for the engine or choose from a standard set.
Also order the zinc anode for the cooling system here.

Closed-circuit cooling system (engine-specific)

The heat exchangers are available for a wide range of engines. You will receive a set specifically for the engine including fittings, such as hoses and pipes, for direct fastening to the engine.

Standard conversion kit for closed cooling system

You will also find standard conversion kits for going from direct cooling to a closed cooling system.

Heat exchanger for wall mounting

We also supply standard conversion kits for various engine capacities. These heat exchangers are mounted against a wall.

MARTEC heat exchanger

All MARTEC Fresh Water Cooling systems come complete with heat exchanger, expansion tank, electric Johnson circulation pump and fitting materials.