Cooling Water Hoses

Changing pressure can cause your engine to overheat. A perfectly functioning cooling water system should prevent this. Therefore, you need a cooling water hose on your boat that connects to your impeller pump or circulation pump on your engine. This transports the coolant, whether from a reservoir or from outside. When the cooling water hose on your boat is defective, you should replace it immediately. Fortunately, AB Marine Service is the right place for that too!


Internal hose size

What does a cooling water hose do?

In fact, a cooling water hose is just a connecting part. It uses cooling water to prevent the temperature of your engine from rising too high. It can contain an artificial fluid that you have to add yourself, just like in a car engine. In the case of direct cooling, water is entering the engine block. By means of the impeller pump, the water is brought to the engine block. In both cases, you need a cooling water hose that carries the cooling water. This should be quite flexible, yet stiff enough to prevent it from folding over. In fact, that could cause congestion, putting your engine at risk.

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Which cooling water hoses are there?

You have a choice of different hoses in various sizes. They may also differ in terms of materials. The product description tells you exactly what temperatures the cooling water hoses in our wide range are suitable for. There you will also find what the operating and maximum pressure is. Moreover, each hose is best suited for something different. For example, you can use some cooling water hoses for your radiator as well. To perfectly connect various hoses, we also have a variety of bends and reducers for you.

To buy cooling water hoses

Getting your boat ready to sail? Then buying a top quality cooling water hose from AB Marine Service is your best choice! We have everything in stock to carry out small and large repairs on board and make sure your cooling water system works perfectly. Consider the exhaust through-hull and accessories, oil coolers and everything in terms of your electric pumps and drinking water system. Not sure which parts need replacing or how to fit them? For these and other questions, please feel free to contact us!