Comprehensive maintenance when your marine engine stops working, might be better left to an expert. However, thanks in part to our lubricants, meant to grease various parts, there are a lot of jobs you can do yourself! Vet your engine meticulously, check that it is fully functioning properly and decide which parts need to be replaced. Before you launch your boat again after the winter break, it’s wise anyway to do your own maintenance and make sure your cruising will be hitch-free.

Engine maintenance

Your ship’s propulsion system should be able to take a beating and should be properly checked and cleaned periodically. When maintaining your marine engine, you should think about replacing the V-belt which drives the cooling water circulation pump in the engine. By taking it off and thoroughly inspecting it for dry cracks, you will know whether or not to replace this component. Surely this will be needed every other year. Tip: When replacing your V-belt during your engine’s maintenance, there should be some slack. You should still be able to turn it half a turn when you grab it with your thumb and forefinger. So don’t over-tighten it, as this will only stress the rotating parts and cause wear!

Maintenance supplies

When getting your vessel ready to sail, you will find all the maintenance supplies that will definitely come in handy at AB Marine Service. In addition to a new V-belt, you’ve come to the right place for a replacement oil filter. Also injector parts and seals can be found in our wide product range. Do you come across more engine parts in need of replacement? Order them from AB Marine Service! For questions about the many different maintenance supplies from our wide range, please feel free to contact us. Tip: also check out our technical blog for all kinds of useful and practical advice!