Hose Clamps

Hoses and the parts to which they are connected of course have to have the same diameter. But that doesn’t mean they will always stay in place during use. You need reliable hose clamps for that. Whatever the situation, at AB Marine Service you will find only the best quality fastening materials. Looking for a hose clamp for above or below water? No problem: in our range you will find a suitable clamp for every situation!

Which hose clamps do I need?

To all hoses running to and from your cooling water system, galvanized hose clamps should be fitted. Does it concern the fuel supply and/or areas in contact with water? Then we can recommend stainless steel hose clamps to you. For your exhaust we have special models in stock. Also make sure each hose is double-attached. That is, hoses are connected to each other and/or to outlets and inlets with two hose clamps of the right type. Moreover, pay attention to the standardisation: for light use – in freshwater, for example – you can use hose clamps of type W3 and W4. For salt water, you need W5 stainless steel models.

To buy hose clamps

AB Marine Service with its extensive product range is the place to buy your hose clamps. Order them now and you’ll have them at home in no time. That’s convenient if you want to install your hose clamp right away! Can’t see the wood for the trees and want to spar with us to decide which kind(s) you need? Then feel free to contact us to explain your situation. We are happy to tell you which hose clamps are the best buy in your case!

Standardization stainless steel hose clamps

  • W3: All parts made of chrome steel AISI 430
  • W4: All parts made of – stainless steel A2 – AISI/SS 304
  • W5: All parts made of – stainless steel A4 – AISI/SS 316