Hose Clamps

For example, do you need a good hose clamp for your fuel hose or exhaust hose? We have hot-dip galvanised clamps for dry environments and high-quality stainless steel hose clamps for use in damp environments and places that come into contact with water.

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Mini hose clamp for fuel hoses with diameters up to 16 mm

A mini hose clamp is used mainly in the fuel system for the various fuel hoses, which often have smaller diameters of up to 16.00 mm. The model (clamping band) ensures that the hose does not deform. This is a safe idea, as it reduces the risk of leakage.

Hose clamp (worm drive clip) for larger diameters >16 mm (for e.g. cooling water hose, exhaust hose, filler hose, supply hose)

Worm drive clips are usually used for larger diameters from 16 mm upwards. The clamps can be tightened well. Suitable for e.g. a cooling water hose, an exhaust hose, a filling hose or a cold water supply hose.

When to use stainless steel hose clamps?

In dry and humidity-free rooms, you can use ordinary hot-dip galvanised clamps. In spaces around the engine and where there is contact with water or seawater, it is best to use stainless steel W5 hose clamps.

There is a big difference in the standards of stainless steel hose clamps. Common and relatively cheap are W4 (SS304) and W5 (SS316). When sailing on salt water, use at least hose clamps made of W5 stainless steel.

AB Marine service always uses W5 clamps (full stainless steel). The stainless steel worm drive clip is fully stainless steel, but is subsequently hot-dip galvanised for lubrication and to prevent steel-on-steel corrosion.

Standardisation stainless steel hose clamps

  • W3 All parts chrome steel AISI 430
  • W4 All parts in stainless steel – SS A2 – AISI/SS 304
  • W5 All parts in stainless steel – SS A4 – AISI/SS 316