Exhausts and through-hulls

For optimal water drainage, you need to count on a reliable outlet and through-hull. After all, you discharge exhaust fumes via the water. All parts and other accessories for the removal of these gases by water can be found at AB Marine Service. This gives you extra control over the ways the water passes to the outside! After the installation of our exhaust and through-hull parts, you will be safe and worry-free on the water.


Internal hose size

What is meant by a through-hull?

Your vessel must have an opening through which incoming water can get out again. This is the case when you use direct cooling, where your engine is cooled with outside water. This flows through the engine block and eventually passes through the exhaust hose out again. Our outlet through-hulls are made of AISA 316 stainless steel, which means they are also seawater-resistant and can therefore be used on ships sailing on the high seas.

Does a through-hull need maintenance?

Yes indeed! After all, the system is designed to let water out. As long as water is given more and more free rein, you risk sinking your ship due to wear and tear. That can occur, for example, at the seal of your through-hull or at a faulty goose neck, the part that ensures the water can only go one way. When you return to sailing once the season arrives, it is therefore wise to check the exhaust hose and the clamps attaching it to your through-hull, as well as the quality of the watertight connection to the hull.

To buy exhaust and through-hull accessories

Are you planning to replace your exhaust hose, waterlock and/or through-hull? Then you automatically arrive at the experts at AB Marine Service! In our wide range, you will always find what you are looking for. Various stainless steel exhaust hose clamps to secure hoses with, for example, a new exhaust damping to reduce noise pollution and many more parts we have in stock. Need help making a choice? If so, please feel free to get into contactwith us so we can easily help you further!