Diesel Fuel Filters

Filter diesel from unwanted particles and keep the engine clean. In this way, the boat’s engine works better and you do not have to deal with badly ignited diesel fuel.

Select here your fuel filter and water separator with high separation capacity and minimum pressure loss: Separ fuel filter units, fuel water separator, in-line fuel filter or other filter parts.

Check the tank and clean it easily from the inside? Then choose the manhole adapter for your boat.

Protection of the fuel system with a diesel fuel filter

Protection of the mini-parts in the fuel system is crucial for a long service life. Always ensure that the fuel supply to the engine is in good order and clean. Can’t figure it out? Just ask!

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How a boat’s fuel filter works

Diesel enters the filter. The filter works a little like a centrifuge and ensures that heavier drops (in this case the diesel fuel) are separated from lighter drops (water). Light micro-organisms (bacteria) are also filtered out of the clean fuel in this way.

Consequences of contaminated diesel fuel

Contaminated diesel or diesel containing water does not ignite properly. As a result, the boat’s engine does not work optimally. So engine problems are not necessarily due to the engine, it can be due to the diesel.