Rubber Sleeves

Here you’ll find a rubber sleeve and end cap for the heat exchanger and cooler. Choose a rubber sleeve from Bowman or from universal high-quality rubber.

Almost every heat exchanger requires specific rubbers. Need help? Feel free to contact us!

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Mounting a rubber sleeve

Replace a rubber sleeve as soon as you discover any dryness cracks. This is how you prevent calamities. Immerse the rubber sleeve in hot water before assembly. This makes it easy to change the rubber. Make sure that all surfaces are clean and dry and that the stainless steel clamps are still in good condition. Immediately check whether the pipe bundle is clean and carefully pierce the pipes. Also do not forget to replace the zinc anode.

Why a rubber sleeve?

In the heat exchanger of the inboard engine, cold external water is passed through a pipe bundle. Here, heat is exchanged with the engine’s coolant to cool the engine.

The coolant is circulated by the engine’s internal circulation pump when the engine has warmed up and the thermostat is open.

The pipe bundle is usually mounted in the exhaust manifold on the engine, it often also cools the exhaust gases directly through a double-walled exhaust system.

Showing 1–24 of 30 results