Glow Devices

A glow plug or glow coil ensures that the boat will start even when cold. Whereas a normal spark plug sparks, a glow plug or glow coil does not. Replace a defective glow plug as soon as possible. This may be caused by e.g. wear and tear. If you wait too long, a glow plug may break. In the worst case, this can lead to serious damage.

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Want to know more about the glow devices for ships and boats?

A marine diesel engine has electric glow plugs that help the engine of your ship or boat start when cold. A diesel engine uses self-ignition by compressing oxygen and fuel.

Just before the pressure is at its highest and the piston is at the top, fuel is injected by means of an atomiser and the ignition process begins.

Because the engine is still very cold after a standstill, it needs some help. Then the glow plug helps. A glow plug is located in the combustion chamber of the engine and is made of high-quality material.

Replacing glow plugs on a marine engine yourself

To find out if a glow plug is broken and how to replace it, read: How to test and replace glow plugs in the diesel engine of my ship or boat