Cabin Heaters

While cruising, you want to enjoy a comfortable temperature. Therefore, it is vital that you install reliable boat heating. At AB Marine Service, you have a wide choice of different heaters to ensure you are warm at all times, standing or lying in your cabin! In doing so, these heaters only use energy that would otherwise go to waste anyway. Win-win, in other words! Take a quick look at the various options in our wide range.

How does boat heating work?

How your boat’s heater works depends on the type, but in both cases it uses warm air that comes from the cooling water from your boat’s engine. This process works directly at direct heating and via a tube system when you are using heat distribution. However, the result is the same: you don’t have to worry about the temperature! Warm air enters your cabin through the fans, giving you the space to concentrate fully on steering.

To buy boat heating

Buy the best quality boat heating at AB Marine Service, of course! We stock several heaters you can rely on throughout your trip. In addition, you have come to the right place for all boat heating accessories that ensure your radiator and fan function perfectly. Not sure which kind works best on your boat or how to connect it? Then we are here for you! For all your questions, please contact us so we can help you further.