Powertrim (Trim and Tilt electric engines)

When you trim, you perfectly align the tailpiece of the outboard motor or sterndrive boat with the surface of the water. This is important when your ship is at an unusual angle in the water. To then maintain full control, you need a top-quality power trim. At AB Marine Service, you have a wide choice of different tilt and trim motors from trusted brands such as Honda, Volvo-Penta and Yamaha. Make sure you are in control of your craft at all times and opt for incisive power trim!

What do you use a power trim for?

The outboard motor of your boat or ship should be at its lowest position when you start up, as the rotor has to make full contact with the water. The same applies when sailing against a wave and making a turn. Once this happens, use the power trim lever to point the rotor downwards. That way, you never lose control of your ship. You are constantly working on this while sailing. Not so used to this yet or prefer not to worry about it? Then choose a slow speed and calm waters.

To buy power trims

At AB Marine Service, you will find a wide range of power trims. These include buying the dynamic Trim Tabs Zipwake power trim. This brand has various solutions for drives of different types. You have also come to the right place for other forms of boat electrics. So you can buy automatic lubrication, various switches and many more parts along with your power trim. Not sure which component suits your situation best? If so, please feel free to contact us!