Powertrim (Trim and Tilt electric engines)

Safe Sailing

At higher speeds, it is important that the boat sails as calmly as possible. Because of the speed, a decision on the route to follow or, for example, to swerve, must be taken under time pressure. After all, the goal or obstacle is fast approaching.

Calm sailing behaviour helps concentration over longer periods and prevents panic at moments when a quick decision is required, which greatly increases safety.

To increase safety, there are various options for different types of drive.

Outboard motor or Sterndrive

A great help here is the angle adjustment of the stern drive or outboard motor in relation to the ship’s longitudinal axis.
Use trim tabs for adjusting in the transversal axis. Think of a ship with a deep V-bottom that often falls over to one side while planing. This is very uncomfortable and tiring over a long period of time.

Outboard motor or Sterndrive

At AB-Marineservice.com we supply a large range of Permanent Magnet DC engines for driving the hydraulic pump. Oil pressure is used to operate the tilt cylinders in the stern drive or the outboard motor.

Buy a tilt and trim electric motor

With a tilt and trim electric motor (also called a powertrim) you trim or lift the outboard motor of your boat.

Trimming with cylinders

When you trim, you perfectly align the tailpiece of the outboard motor or sterndrive boat with the surface of the water.

Lifting the outboard motor (tilting)

If you are not sailing, use the tilt and trim electric motor to lift the engine so that it is not damaged during transport (tilting).