Battery Clamps and Cables

Looking for a battery cable or battery terminals for your boat? AB Marine service will help you out. On request, we calculate the required thickness of the battery cable and deliver it to size. The same applies to a booster cable or cable eyes.

Any questions or would you like to know about the possibilities? Feel free to contact us.

How is the thickness of a battery cable displayed?

The thickness of a battery cable is indicated in the cross-sectional area (in mm22).

Rule of thumb: calculation of booster cable or battery cable thickness

Current (A) x Distance (m) x 0.2 = Cable thickness (mm22)

ExampleA 50A alternator is 2 metres away from the battery. Then the required cable thickness is 20 mm22 (50 x 2 x 0.2)

What is a battery distribution point?

With a battery distribution point you can distribute thick battery cables to multiple consumers or combine them into one point for positive (red) or negative (black).

Battery terminals

AB Marine service supplies battery terminals for your boat to which the cable can be directly clamped. We also supply battery terminals that can be fitted with a cable eye. They are useful in case you need to disconnect the battery or power source quickly.

Customised battery cables for your boat

We supply battery cables at custom lengths up to 1,000 metres. “Plus” for positive or “Minus” for earth strips. Get in touch with us to ask about the options.

Customised battery cable: from two 12V batteries to one 24V battery

We also supply customised battery cables to combine two 12V batteries into 24V set. Get in touch with us to ask about the options.

Booster cable for boats

With our booster cables you come to the rescue of anyone with a flat battery on the go.