Radiator Caps

Engine breakdowns can easily be prevented. As long as you know your cooling water system is completely fine and you have enough fuel in your tank, you will come a long way. What is also incredibly important is a perfectly working radiator cap. It regulates the overpressure in the engine. At AB Marine Service, you have a wide choice of different models in a variety of diameters. So you always have a choice from radiator caps for the best brands, such as Volvo Penta and Mercedes. You can order these quickly and easily online with us!

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What does a radiator cap do?

The radiator cap is located at the top of the expansion tank or radiator. Various conditions and malfunctions can cause the pressure in your cooling system to rise too far. Does it come to around 1.2 bar? Then the pressure cap will open. Coolant then escapes from the cooling system via the pressure relief valve. Did you lose or damage your radiator cap? If so, replace it immediately before sailing again! Without such a seal, the cooling capacity of your engine is limited to 100 degrees Celsius. Without pressure, your engine can heat up much faster.

To buy a radiator cap

AB Marine Service is the place to buy your radiator cap! Our wide range includes models of various sizes, so including the one that best fits your radiator. Not quite sure which variant is perfect for your cooling water system? Then you can quickly find out by just getting into contact with us! By telling us about your situation, your engine and your cooling system, we will figure out together which radiator cap buy is the wisest for you.

Showing all 8 results