Corrosion to your ship can be prevented. For this, you strangely enough need a component that ensures that this natural chemical degradation does take place, but in the right place: the anode. This is a metal component placed against another metal surface, preferably one that is susceptible to corrosion. Thanks to the placement of this component, it will protect this surface from attack, while slowly crumbling itself. So an anode eventually has to be replaced.


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How does an anode work?

When two different types of metal making contact with each other are immersed in water, a voltage difference occurs, along with an electric charge that allows metal to be eaten away. But thanks to this process – also known as electrolysis – only the least noble metal will be affected. And in this case, that is the kind the anode is made of. Now you immediately know why these components are also called sacrificial blocks. To protect all metal surfaces, it is wise to spread several anodes of the same weight across the hull: the larger the surface area, the more you will need.

Which anode do I need?

It depends on your waters: if you sail in freshwater, you need a magnesium type. Do you travel with your ship across the North Sea or any other saltwater surface? Then you need to install zinc anodes on your hull. If your ship is in brackish water, aluminium anodes come into play. Furthermore, you can still choose from anodes that you attach by welding them on or, on the contrary, using screws to your hull.

To buy anodes

In our extensive range, you will find anodes for every type of vessel. With this, you always ensure that the parts of your ship that are underwater are protected from corrosion. Keep in mind to check the condition of your anodes regularly. Indeed, have they been largely eaten away? If so, they should be replaced in the near future. Do you sail in different types of water and not quite sure which is the best choice for you? Then feel free to get into contact with us! We are happy to help.