Cooling parts

A boat’s cooling water system prevents overheating and damage to the engine. Here you’ll find parts for direct or indirect cooling of your boat.

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The various types of cooling water systems

There are three types of cooling systems:

  1. Direct cooling: a cooling water system whereby water is pumped into the engine block by a impeller pump.
  2. Indirect cooling: a separate cooling water system (also called intercooling or heat exchanger system) in which there is coolant in the engine and cooling water is pumped through a heat exchanger by means of an impeller pump.
  3. Indirect keel cooling : a keel cooling system, in which cooling pipes with coolant run under the boat. With the latter system, a wet exhaust is not possible unless you have installed an additional impeller pump or electric pump.

Dry or wet exhaust?

Choose a wet exhaust. With a wet exhaust, the noise is muffled by the water. You can also use a rubber exhaust hose because of the lower temperature. <read more>