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Breakdown on the water

Failures in your engine, collision with a sandbank, a fuel leak… these and other issues cause major problems while sailing and are the nightmare for many a skipper. You can […]

Water-lubricated propeller shaft leaks

To function, your ship’s propeller shaft runs from inside to outside, through the hull. Of course, this component is built and installed so that your vessel does not fill up […]

How to connect a boat alternator

Does the indicator light on your dashboard stay on or does the battery not have the energy to start the engine after a while? Then is it time to replace […]

How to replace the fuel filter of my diesel engine?

This is how you replace the fuel filter of a diesel engine: In case of contamination, when there is a drain valve, drain the bottom layer of diesel from your […]

When should I change the fuel filter of my diesel engine?

When there is water, diesel bacteria (sludge) or dirt (under) in or on the fuel tank, it is time to replace the boat’s engine fuel filter. Therefore, check the filters […]

How to test and replace glow plugs in the diesel engine of my ship or boat

What are glow plugs? A marine diesel engine has electric glow plugs that help it start when cold. Diesel engines use spontaneous combustion by compressing oxygen and fuel. Just before […]

How to install an inboard engine?

Are you going to install or re-install an inboard engine yourself? Then prepare yourself well, start with the basics and start measuring. Then you can replace an engine with minimal […]

I have a 12V battery, but the alternator says 14V. What is the difference?

In boats, you have got 6V systems (old, but still common), 12V and 24V systems. The 12V is most common in pleasure cruising and 24V is found in larger ships […]

Is your expansion vessel or cooling system running empty?

Is the expansion vessel or cooling system (slowly) losing pressure? It could be a leak in either direction. First make sure that there is no leak to the outside of […]

Starting problems? 3 tips to fix.

Here are some tips in the event that you have a battery-related problem or a malfunction in the starting system. If the engine of your boat has little or no […]

To load batteries, battery separator

Charge the starter motor battery and the light mains battery simultaneously without being connected. Yes, that is possible! You spent all day on the water and have made good use […]

Dry and wet exhaust.

The difference between a wet and dry exhaust explained!Compare a dry exhaust to the exhaust pipe of the car: a pipe with a flexible connecting piece on the exhaust manifold, […]

A flexible engine set-up

Vibration-free sailing is for relaxation! Ever made a lovely boat trip, but eased down on the throttle after a while because of all the noise? After all, for a stress-free […]

Slime strings and clogged fuel filters.

Slime strings & clogged fuel filters.  Diesel bacteria: for those who are unfamiliar with this phenomenon, we can assure that prevention is better than cure. Anyone who has experienced it […]

How to replace a starter motor yourself, in 3 steps

How to replace a starter motor A starter motor that is too slow, lacks power, or doesn’t do anything at all? Time to replace it. You can do this job […]