Windscreen Wipers

During a refreshing shower or in rough seas with drifting water, you want to have good visibility to navigate. Therefore, make sure your boat is equipped with a good windscreen wiper and wiper motor.

You can see which motor fits which wiper for each product. The wiper angle is indicated in degrees. Can’t figure it out? Feel free to ask us.

Buy a windscreen wiper motor for your boat

AB Marine service supplies windscreen wiper motors . ‘Own brand’ or from renowned brands such as Bosch and Doga. Choose from a wide range. For example, universal single-arm wiper motors, wiper motors with a parallelogram arm or dual-drive wiper motors.

Buy a windscreen wiper for your boat

AB Marine service supplies high quality FLEXfit wiper blades for any application. Mounting it to the boat’s windscreen wiper is easy and safe: less than 30 seconds needed.

  • Safety mechanism with double locking to hold wiper blades firmly in place
  • Long service life
  • Designed to withstand high temperatures and fading from sunlight.
  • Fits perfectly on all types and on curved windscreens.
  • Constant voltage pressure
  • Suitable for all seasons

Download FLEXfit brochure [pdf]

Windscreen wiper blades

Shorten the shaft length of the boat’s wiper motor?

In that case, buy a universal wiper motor with interchangeable bearing bush. Shorten the shaft to any length and determine the length of the passage for the boat’s wheelhouse on site.