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At AB Marine service you will find technical parts for the inboard engine of your boat or jet ski. We supply spare parts for boat engines of well-known brands. You will also find universal parts or used engine parts here. You can search quickly and easily by brand or engine type via the search bar. And if you can’t figure it out, just ask!

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AB Marine service helps you with your technical challenges. As a boat owner, you will have to deal with technical maintenance sooner or later. Buying engine parts online is practical and safe. You can also rely on our knowledge at all times, so that you can get on with your project as quickly as possible.

What are the components of a boat engine?

A boat engine has the following components, among others:

  1. Alternator
    The alternator supplies electrical energy and charges the battery. The alternator supplies power when the engine is running.
  2. Starter motor
    In the past, you had to turn a crank manually to get an engine to start; nowadays that is the job of the starter motor. The starter motor is always an electric motor. The starter motor is usually located near the crankshaft on the side of the flywheel housing.
  3. Glow system
    Glow plugs and glow wire are part of the glow system of an engine. They ensure that a diesel engine can start when it is still cold.
  4. Lubricants
    Lubricants (oil and grease) are necessary to prevent the various rotating parts of the engine from seizing.
  5. Stop relay
    Thanks to a stop relay, the engine stops immediately when you turn it off with the ignition key.
  6. Diesel fuel filters
    These filters filter the diesel fuel, to prevent pump wear. After a while, you have to change the filters. A heavily contaminated or damaged filter can cause your boat to stop.
  7. Homokinetic drives
    Homokinetic drives ensure that the motor is driven at a uniform angular velocity.
  8. Engine mounts
    Engine mounts provide a good and solid foundation that prevents excessive engine movement. An engine mount should be as soft as possible, but still strong enough to carry the weight of the engine, the reverse clutch and a part of the propeller shaft. Read more about a flexible motor arrangement.

Replacing a starter motor in 3 steps

When the starter motor is too slow, has not enough power or does not function at all The time has come to replace it. You can do this yourself. First of all, safety is of the essence. Make sure to disconnect the earth switch or the battery. The starter motor is usually located near the crankshaft on the side of the flywheel housing. > To the step-by-step plan