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How to replace the fuel filter of my diesel engine?

This is how you replace the fuel filter of a diesel engine:

  1. In case of contamination, when there is a drain valve, drain the bottom layer of diesel from your tank. Otherwise, pump up a few litres of diesel from the bottom of the tank. In that case, use a pump with a hose (in the filler cap) that reaches the bottom.
  2. Is the (pumped up) diesel full of sludge (diesel bacteria) or water? Pump or tap the lower part completely out of your tank. Repeat this procedure until no more water or sludge can be found.
  3. Is the diesel clear? And not dark or cloudy? Then the job is done. Then there is no need to replace the fuel filter.TIP: Add an anti-bacterial agent to the diesel to kill the last bacteria and prevent them from multiplying again. The De-Bug magnetic filter prevents diesel bacteria.
    If the diesel still looks abnormal, empty the entire diesel tank by pumping or draining. Then clean the tank.
  4. Do you see water or sludge? Then replace your fuel filter. Tip: Is there often water in your diesel? Check the venting of your tank. Sometimes the air vent is located in the hull in such a way that rainwater runs into it or large waves push water into it. Then use a tank dryer in your tank. A simple and effective solution against condensation.
  5. Change the coarse and the fine filter of your system every autumn. Are you installing a tank dryer? Also replace it annually.
  6. The fuel lines are often clicked onto the filter with a kind of clamp, which can easily
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