Prevent diesel bacteria Debug magnetic filter up to 100 hp

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169.95 incl. BTW

Connection size: 1/4 NPT 

Application: Engines up to 100hp
Max. flow: 140 ltr/h
Flow direction: Left > Right
Weight: 0.31 kg.
Dimension: Ø 60mm 105 x 84 mm
Connection: 1/4” NPT
Working pressure: 40 Psi (2.8 bar)

DeBug is a company that specializes in systems that prevent the growth of organisms in diesel oil and gas oil. Because diesel oil and gas oil are organic liquids, they form a breeding ground for algae, yeast and bacteria. Moisture and temperature can cause strong growth of these organisms.

How can I see that my diesel and gas oil is contaminated?
The presence of algae, yeast and bacteria in your diesel and gas oil is often clear by:
– Strange smell
– Strange fuel color
– Corrosion phenomena

Maintenance-free system
You can install a Debug Microbial Decontamination unit to prevent contamination of your fuel. This unit consists of a corrosion-free housing in which multiple, permanent magnets are placed. The magnets are provided with a ceramic layer and are therefore maintenance-free. After the system has been installed you no longer have to worry about it.

Operation of the unit
A DeBug Microbial Decontamination unit is not a filter and does not use chemical additives to destroy microorganisms. A strong magnetic field has been placed in the DeBug unit to damage the cell wall of the bacterium. This makes further development of the bacterium impossible. This design is patented and is very efficient; 97.5% of the harmful bacteria is already destroyed after one pass. In addition, the system reduces emissions and fuel consumption.

Application of DeBug units
The DeBug units can be used in various ways. For marine applications but also for fuel storage tanks. For the best result, it is important that fuel circulation takes place.

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1 review for Prevent diesel bacteria Debug magnetic filter up to 100 hp

    28 January 2020
    Several years ago i had a 38 foot President Trawler i bought used. At times the diesel would shut down due to contaminated fuel filter. The filter would come out full of black slime. These were the microorganisms in the fuel (contamination). At the Annapolis boat show i came across the de-bug and after a lengthy conversation i bought one. No more fuel problems and after a couple of years i decided to sell the boat. Much to my suprise the prospective owners surveyor made a comment that my diesel fuel was some of the cleanest he had seen. DE-BUG is the answer.
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