Blowers and Pulleys

Looking for an blower or pulley for your alternator? At AB Marine Service, you will find different types of pulleys and blowers. In this category, a range of pulleys and blowers of different sizes and types. With us, you always get a two-year warranty on all our new items.

Pulley alternator

Not quite figured out which pulley is suitable for your type of alternator? Or do you want to know which pulley you need to replace the old one? You can search by the right diameter shaft, outer diameter, width, bore or depth.

*A spigot used to be the standard, but pulleys are now often supplied without, so you don’t necessarily need to use a pulley with a spigot.

Blower alternator

Also to find the right type of blower, you can search by outer diameter, bore, height or number of blowers.


Shaft diameter