Starter Perkins M135, M92B 12V

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Warranty: 2 Years

Electrical specifications
Voltage: 12
kW: 2.8

Physical information
H No. of teeth: 10
P Rotation: Clockwise
N Gear type: Conventional
A Mounting flange: 89.00
I B+: M8
No. of mounting holes: 3 (0)
B Drive distance: 29.50
E Mounting hole 1: 10.80 mm
E Mounting hole 2: 10.80 mm
E Mounting hole 3: 10.80
F Distance rear in mm: 228.80
G Distance front: 77.25
S B-: M8
K Thread length mm: 17.00
M Mounting bracket: No
O Distance mm: 127.00
O Distance 2: 89.80
O Distance 3: 89.80
R Total length mm: 313.00

Catalogue information
Drive type: Steel
Product info: New
Waterproof: No
Oil sealed: No
Remarks 4 KW: HC-CARGO 115392.

1367040 Bosch
11.130.076 Iskra
11.130.200 Iskra
11.130.373 Iskra
11.130.386 Iskra
11.130.411 Iskra
11.130.419 Iskra
11.130.509 Iskra
11.130.629 Iskra
11.130.807 Iskra
11.130.872 Iskra
11.130.904 Iskra
11.132.159 Iskra
1447731 Valeo
1691806R1 Massey Ferguson
1860093M2 Massey Ferguson
1868285M1 Massey Ferguson
1868285M2 Massey Ferguson
1868285M3 Massey Ferguson
1868285R3 Massey Ferguson
19024817 Remy (delco)
26274 lucas
26323 lucas
26323A lucas
26341A lucas
26345 lucas
26345A lucas
26345B lucas
26345D lucas
26345E lucas
26345J lucas
26358 Jcb
26358A Jcb
26366 lucas
26366A lucas
26366F lucas
26406 lucas
26410 lucas
26410A lucas
26410B lucas
26410R Perkins
26414 Jcb
26925193A lucas
26925519A lucas
27510 lucas
27510E lucas
27515 lucas
27519 Jcb
27523 lucas
27523A lucas
27523D lucas
27529 lucas
27539 lucas
27539A lucas
27539F lucas
27572 lucas
27572A lucas
27572B lucas
27578 lucas
27583 lucas
27583A lucas
27583D lucas
27594 lucas
27599 lucas
27606 lucas
2873003 Perkins
2873004 Perkins
2873006T Perkins
2873D001 Perkins
2873D002 Perkins
323319A1 Case
3516094M1 Massey Ferguson
3519400M1 Massey Ferguson
3519400M92 Massey Ferguson
3542185M91 Massey Ferguson
3542185M92 Massey Ferguson
3546391M91 Massey Ferguson
3597372M2 Massey Ferguson
3597372R2 Massey Ferguson
3763362M91 Massey Ferguson
388187A1 Case
388187A2 Case
538502 Ducellier
538505 Ducellier
54243441 lucas
54265233 lucas
6005003154 Renault
6233 Ducellier
63227479 Magneti Marelli
706022A1 Massey Ferguson
7700011850 Renault
9004475058 Bosch
909971R2 Massey Ferguson
9142804 Magneton (Pal/Skoda)
AZE4244 Iskra
AZJ0405 Iskra
AZJ3105 Iskra
AZJ3117 Iskra
AZJ3121 Iskra
AZJ3144 Iskra
AZJ3203 Iskra
AZJ3305 Iskra
AZJ3330 Iskra
AZJ3536 Iskra
AZJ3598 Iskra
D11E137 Valeo
D11E154 Valeo
D11E15H Valeo
MT68S Magneti Marelli
NSB529 lucas
NSB531 lucas
NSB540 lucas
S12-73 Hitachi
S13-73 Hitachi
S13-73B Hitachi
S13-74 Hitachi

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