Damper plate Volvo Penta D5 Ø 352.4 mm 940 Nm 33º Plastic


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R&D muffler plate
Diameter: 352.4 mm.
Maximun power: 940 Nm
Application: Volvo Penta D5

Gear box Model PRM 601|PRM 602|PRM 1000
High deflex element.
Bolt hole PCD [diameter of pitch circle] 8 x 10,6 mm on 333,4 mm PCD
Spline diameter: 40.5 mm, outer diameter of back plate fixing to engine flywheel: 352.5 mm (13.875″)
Gearbox: Spline 18 teeth 12/24 DP (40.5 mm diameter)
Compatibility PRM Gearboxes: 601, 602 & 1000.
Torque: 940 Nm, 700 ftlb

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Why you should buy the Volvo Penta D5 plastic damper plate Ø 352,4 mm. 940 Nm. 33º met plastic damping:

1. Reduces gear noise
2. Allows engine to run at lower speeds
3. Back plate punched ready to install on flywheel (possibly with flywheel reinforcement)
4. Fail safe design
5. No springs to rust, solid, fret or rattle
6. Even damping over the entire speed range
7. A suitable element is available for every engine power
8. “SPECIALS” are available for problem installations


This specially developed damper plate for the Volvo Penta D5 marine engines has plastic elements, which ensures that noises and vibrations from spring tension are a thing of the past.
This is particularly noticeable when the engine is idling and at low revs.

The operation is such that by means of an angular rotation of 33° the power is transmitted in three phases, linearly and progressively.
The superior elasticity of this element eliminates annoying noises.
The elasticity of this damper plate also prevents excessive wear of the gearbox and other components in the drive line.
It is also nice that the moment of shifting gears is slightly delayed, making the “shift clack” less audible and tangible.

Just like the other damper plates in our range, these damper plates are turned and ready to use.
There is a damper plate available for almost every engine-gearbox combination.
Currently the 3-phase 33° damper plates are available with 4 types of elements for maximum motor torques up to: 135 Nm, 270 Nm, 670 Nm and 940 Nm.

A 2-stage damper plate for torques up to 1,630 Nm is also available.

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