Engine Mount Set Ruggerini Lister


Warranty: 2 Years

Suitable load capacity for the Ruggerini and Lister engines
4x 10-MD-120-C-00
Distance holes: 76.00 mm

This  vibration damper is supplied without adjusting pin,
Click here to order an M12 adjusting pin
Click here to order an M16 adjusting pin
Don’t forget to place the ring during mounting without damaging the vibration damper.

Applied to the following types:
Ruggerini PM 105/2
Lister SL1

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This type of engine mount set  is a compact vibration damper. They are easy-to-mount engine mounts, offering vibration isolation.
The internal buffer of this unique vibration damper ensures that the movement of the motor is limited in every direction.

The engine mount is specially designed for marine engines that produce low frequency, but with a large amplitude (displacement) such as engines with 1 or 2 cylinders.
Due to the composition of this vibration damper, the high frequency of the 2 cylinders is reduced very well and is mass contained
It therefore provides the perfect buffer between the engine and the engine base.
The result: annoying vibrations are greatly reduced and brought down to a comfortable level when sailing.

The height is adjustable by means of a standard M16 pin. Before ordering, check that this is also the right size for your engine. Your bike already has a history and changes may have been made to the engine struts.
If the hole size is different for your support legs/arms, you have the choice for pin size M12. This one can be ordered separately. Or if you just tell us before ordering what you need, we will adjust it.

With this engine mount set especially for the Ruggerini or Lister, (your engine) you will be satisfied with the damping it gives. You can easily order these engine mounts to tour around vibration-free after installation.

Please note!

While assembling the engine mount, do not forget to place the thick washer between the cover and the thinner locknut.
Without this ring, there is a risk of loosening the adjustment pin or damaging the engine mount.

For questions about this product, its parts or its type or application, please contact us.


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