Fuel pump Volvo Penta, MD2010, MD2020, MD2030, MD2030 D2-55 3580100

79,95 incl. BTW

Warranty: 2 Years

Physical specifications
Perkins membrane pump for Volvo Penta engines

MD2010 series
MD2020 series
MD2030 series
MD2040 serie
D2-50 serie
D2-55 serie

Feed pump Volvo Penta nr: 3580100

130506140; 153-6876; F.G. 924-128; BCD2689; AK-1489;


Perkins engines series 100: 102-04, 102-05, 103-06, 103-07, 103-09, 103-10, 103-12, 103-13, 103-15, 103-15d, 104-19, 104-19d, 104-22;

M16C, M20CL, M20CR, M20CR2, M20CRW2
M643, M643K, M643M, NL643
M673, M673L, M673L2, M673L3, M673LD2, M673LD3, NL673, NL673L, NL673L2, NL673L3
M753K, M753W, M753W2, NL753K, NL753W, NL753W2
M773LW2, M773LW3, NL773LW3
M843JK, M843NK, M843NW2, M843NW3, NL843JK, NL843NK, NL843NW2, NL843NW3
L844D, M844K, M844LK, M844K2, M844LK2, M844LW2, M844W2, NL844K, NL844LK, NL844K2, NL844LK2, NL844LW2, NL844W2

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