Impeller pump Craftsman Marine CM3.27 Cooling water pump


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Warranty: 2 Years

This cooling water pump for the Craftsman marine engines is ideal for replacing the original Johnson, Jabsco, Ancor, or Sherwood impeller pump.
The high quality and often improved versions of the original offer a reliable solution for replacing your boat pump.
All parts such as the impeller and internal wear parts are not equal to the original version. For maintenance or overhaul, please contact us for the corresponding overhaul set.

This cooling water pump fits, among others, on the Craftsman CM3.27 marine engines

Replacing numbers: Craftsman AA.300.90020

Please note: This pump is supplied for three-cylinder engines. We recommend that you always check the dimensions according to the drawing.

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This impeller pump Craftsman Marine CM3.27 cooling water pump has been further developed and improved, the replacement pump for your Craftsman Marine engine.
Due to the high quality and many design improvements, this version of the original pump offers a very reliable solution.
Internal parts of this cooling water pump are not compatible with the original; modifications have been made to improve quality and performance.
Parts of this impeller pump such as seals, bearings and pump housing design, cam and other wear parts are different from the original.

For a maintenance or overhaul kit for your impeller pump Craftsman Marine CM3.27 cooling water pump, please contact us.

Uses JMP flexible impeller p/n: 7070K-01, 7070-01, 7070K

Used on the following marine engines:
Craftsman Marine: AA.300.21120, AA.300.21125, AA.300.21022, AA.301.21120, AA.301.21125, AA.301.21022
Vetus: M3.28, M3.29
Mitsubishi: L3E, L3A, L3C, K3D
SOLÉ-DIESEL V 6: MINI-11, MINI-17, MINI-29, MINI-33, MINI-44 version 6

Solé Diesel generator: G-8T-3, G-8M-3, 7GS, 7GSC, 8GT, 8GTC, 8GT, 8GTC, 8GSA, 8GSAC, 10GTA, 10GTAC, 10GS, 10GSC, 11GT, 11GTC, 12GSA, 12GSAC, 14GTA, 14GTAC, 14GS, 14GSC, G15M-3, G15T-3, 17GT, 17GT3, 20GTA, 20GTAC

Replacing numbers Vetus: STM6109
Replacing Jabsco numbers: 29460-1041, 29460-10-1801

Product features:

100% Plug & Play-replacement
100% compatible pumps and parts
Heavy-duty bronze casting, seawater-resistant quality
Shaft of high-quality stainless steel (3X series non-magnetic)
Hard bronze cam lining fixed in pump housing
Powerful self-lubricating impeller
Higher volume flow capacity: height volume flow 2.7t

Internal parts not compatible and interchangeable with original.
Simple and compact design
Designed so that replacement of spare parts is very easy.

Mitsubishi is the basic engine block of this Craftsman Marine. This engine block is used by various suppliers of marine engines.
It is therefore possible that various types of ship engines or type numbers apply, similar to this type of cooling water pump.
For questions about this Impeller pump, the parts, the type of marine engines this pump is used on or any other questions, please contact us.


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