Plastic goose-neck, exhaust systems 40 / 45 / 50 mm


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Warranty: 2 Years

Secure the exhaust system of your (sailing) boat if the engine exhaust is below or near the waterline.
The goose-neck provides extra protection against the ingress of water from outside and prevents water hammer.

Transom side outlet =  ?50 mm.

The angle of the outlet hose to be connected is 150 degrees, angled downwards.
The exiting exhaust bend against and through the stern side is square.
The height and width of the entire space to be occupied for the goose-neck is 480 mm x 110 mm

In combination with an anti-siphon valve and water lock, you protect the engine completely and you also reduce a lot of noise.

In combination with

Exhaust hose ?40?45 and ?50 mm
Outlet through-hull for simple mounting 40,45 – 50 mm
Water lock with outlet muffler up to 50hp Plastic Ø 45/50/55 mm
goose-neck exhaust system 40 / 45 / 50 mm

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