Starter Cummins A 2300 0001410060 Bosch

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Electrical specifications
Voltage: 24
kW: 9.0

Double insulated, earth-free: Yes
Physical information
H No. of teeth: 11
P Rotation: Clockwise
N Gear type: Conventional
A Mounting flange: 68.00
I B+: M12

No. of mounting holes: 0 (0)
B Drive distance: 37.50
F Distance rear in mm: 406.00
G Distance front: 52.00
S B-: M12
M Mounting bracket: No
R Total length mm: 458.00

Replacing the following models:

0001410060 Bosch
0001510003 Bosch
0021518701 Mercedes Benz
01162640 KHD
012041381 KHD
1162640 KHD
12041381 KHD
144440729 KHD
1701034 Faun
305720100001 Mwm
A0021518701 Mercedes Benz
E1R24X9H7623 KHD

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