Starter Perkins 24V


Warranty: 2 Years

Electrical specifications
Voltage: 24
kW: 5.5

Insulation status: Double, earth-free
Physical specifications
Manufacturer: Prestolite
A Mounting flange: 88.90
B Drive distance: 30.35
H No. of teeth: 10
I B+: M10
J Terminal 15a: M5
N Gear type: Direct drive
O Distance: 127.00
O Distance 2: 90.00
O Distance 3: 90.00
P Rotation: Clockwise
R Total length: 374.50
Further information
No. of mounting holes: 3 (0)
Drive type: Steel
Oil sealed: Yes
Waterproof: No

859422 BUTEC
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870655 BUTEC
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S115A24-8 CAV


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