Cooling system cleaner for clogged channels and heat exchangers 3-6L


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5in1 Radiator flush is a specially developed radiator cleaner for cleaning the entire cooling system. The radiator cleaner is suitable for all coolant systems. The 5in1 radiator flush is also acid-free.

Over time, the build up of sludge and rust can impair the performance of cooling systems. This can lead to blocked coolant channels and subsequent overheating and increased pressure. 5in1 Radiator Flush effectively clears blockages and removes any sludge and rust accumulation. May be used with all heat exchanger and cooling system types, and is harmless to rubber hoses and gaskets.

Pour the contents of the bottle into the Radiator and run engine for 10 minutes at normal working temperature. Turn off the engine and allow to cool. When cold, drain the radiator and refill. 310 ml is sufficient for 3 – 6 litre systems.

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Product ID: 59063


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