Regulator DC generator 12V 30A B+ D+ DF D- 61 electronic


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Details and description

Voltage: 14, Amp: 30, Watt: 360, Regulator type: Electronic, Distance mounting holes mm: 94.00, Manufacturer: Bosch

Electrical specifications (Regulator)
Voltage: 14
Amp: 30
Watt: 360
Physical specifications (Regulator)
Regulator type: Electronic
E Distance mounting holes mm: 94.00
Manufacturer: Bosch

0190350005 BOSCH
0190350054 BOSCH
0190350059 BOSCH
0190350060 BOSCH
0190350068 BOSCH
0190350069 BOSCH
9190040099 BOSCH
F026T02204 BOSCH

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