Mastervolt Charge regulator ALPHA PRO III 12/24V

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Warranty: 2 Years

Mastervolt Charge regulator ALPHA PRO III 12/24V

The Alpha Pro MB charge regulator maximizes the output of Mastervolt Alpha alternators or any other alternator by regulating the alternator in a way that the batteries receive the optimum charge. The proven 3-step+ charge method guarantees fast and safe charging of your batteries. The charge regulator is designed as a ‘fit all’ solution, just one unit is needed for both 12 and 24 V applications, with a simple selector switch to set the regulator to the right voltage.

Installation is basic: you disconnect the old regulator from the two carbon brushes located in the alternator.
Then connect the Mastervolt controller to the carbon brush wires or by soldering. (Red/Blue)
Always make sure the old regulator is removed or completely cleared from the alternator and ground itself.
The controller is preset and recognizes the system voltage.

Description Mastervolt Charge Regulator Alpha Pro III 12/24V
EAN code 816882020377
Unit: ST
Height: 90
Masterbus: Yes
Mark: Mastervolt
Model / Type: Alpha Pro

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